Additional TV Points for Freeview

Extra TV points for Freeview can be installed by fitting a splitter unit to your existing aerial, this would normally be situated in the loft. Weather proofed external versions are available if wall or chimney mounting is more suitable. From the splitter, cable is run discreetly as possible, usually externally as trying to drop cables into cavity walls can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task. The cable will enter the house as near as practical to the tv location and terminate with a wall mounted socket. A fly lead is then supplied to attach the TV. Installing a splitter will slightly weaken the TV signal so a test is carried out prior to the work to ensure that it will not affect the other tv (tv's) in the house.
Extra TV Aerial Points
If the signal is not strong enough to allow additional points, an internal or external amplifier or even a second aerial can be fitted to ensure all tv's will have reliable reception. Cable routing and tv socket outlet location is always discussed before any work is carried out. Norwich Aerials carry everything needed to do a professional job at the first visit.