Frequently asked questions

I lose reception and get picture break up on my satellite TV but only when it rains, why? Satellite TV signals are weaker in wet weather. This means that if your dish is only slightly out of alignment, it will be ok until it rains. Having your dish set up 100 percent by a meter will cure this in all but the most extreme weather. Having a larger dish fitted will also help if the cable run is over long.

digital tv picture break up

What are the advantages in getting HD ?

On a large screen tv, sporting events or anything fast moving will look far better in HD. With a small screen i'd say there isn't so much to be gained. Keep in mind that if you're using Freeview or Freesat, only the BBC channels, some ITV channels, Ch4, Ch5 and a few others are available in HD, most channels are in SD (standard definition)

Do i need a new aerial for digital ? 

If your current aerial was working well before the analogue switch off and is in good condition, then it should be ok for digital tv. BUT... some of the commercial channels will be out of the intended range of older aerials. The signal was boosted at change-over, so this may compensate for that. If not, then you'll need a new wide band aerial. There is no such thing as a 'digital' aerial.

I have bad reception due to trees, can anything be done ?Fitting a better aerial or relocating the existing one can often help. Putting up a higher mast or fitting a booster isn't always the answer.

Do i need an amplifier or booster to run extra tv's?

Boosters have commonly been used prior to digital switch over to enable the use of multiple tv's from one aerial. Now that the digital signal is being transmitted at full power it can be a bad idea to use a booster in many cases unless there are more than four tv points. Low loss splitters are a better idea if the signal is strong enough.

What are the advantages of using a cai trade association registered installer?

Work carried out by a c.a.i member should be done to certain industry approved standards. Plus, if you have problems and cannot agree a resolution, you can report them to their trade association who will take up the matter and resolve it on your behalf. However, it won't protect you from being charged over the odds or having unnecessary work carried out. Also, certain c.a.i approved aerials are of very weak construction and really only suitable for loft installation.

Now that digital tv is being transmitted at full power, can i have the high mast and large ugly aerial removed?

There's a very good chance that you can. Some areas that previously needed high gain aerials will now be fine with a small standard tv aerial.

high gain tv aerial