Digital TV Reception Problems
If you are having problems with your digital tv reception, Norwich Aerials can help. Poor signal quality symptoms may include colour blocking flashing across the screen, pictures freezing or channels missing.
A multitude of possibilities could be causing such faults, the most common being low signal level. However, an over strong signal, electrical interference and more recently, 4G mobile communications interference could be the source of the problem.

If your aerial visually seems to be in good condition then by testing your installation with a digital tv signal strength and quality meter, the fault or multiple faults can be diagnosed. Some aerial installations continue to work in quite poor condition, then one small new fault occurs and tips it over the edge in to unreliability. A common problem on older installations is perished aerial downleads. Poorly designed tv aerials with connection terminals that are not fully waterproof is another.
Digital TV Aerial Repairs
Mis-aligned aerials are in fact rarely a cause of problems. Unless of course the aerial is very old (20 years plus) then corroded mounts will cause mis-alignment eventually. Replacing the brackets on an aerial of that age is in my opinion false economy as the coax cable downlead or the aerial itself will be the next to fail. But if your installation has serviceable parts, they can be re-used and a cost saving made for the customer. Unlike some other aerial companies !

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